A Talk with Farrah - Haitian American Web Developer, Actress, Model, and Creative Director

You're a web developer, actress, creative director and model! Tell me how you've gotten into everything and how it drives you creatively.

I wear many hats as I am a person who constantly likes to learn in different fields. To be frank, I get bored quite easily and require constant stimulation. 

Acting is something I've always been infatuated with. My first true love and hope to grow in this field tremendously as time goes. I would spend hours researching thespians that I admired and how they entered the field of drama. I would also watch tons of films, television shows and the behind the scenes of each movie. I could say I was a bit obsessive in that area and I eventually started auditioning as soon as I was 19 years-old for extra and principal roles.

I also started signing up for acting courses and courses teaching me how to film and edit my own material when I attended college and I am currently hoping to move elsewhere to take it to the next level and challenge myself. 

I then took a minor break to pursue more of my creative side. To maintain financial stability, I worked at two fashion start-up companies and that broke me into the fashion world. My visual eye became more fond of brands, color palettes and style overall. I dressed for myself and, often at events, many of my acquaintances and friends would compliment my outfits. It wasn't until my cousin Tamar said I should try styling folks as a side hustle-- that I actually pursued it. I chuckled but took her advice, so now I truly style models, creative and non-creative people as a side hustle. 

I also started taking modeling more seriously at 25 years-old versus when I started at 18. I didn't believe that Boston had a strong mecca for most of my interests but ever since I started taking it more seriously after a life-changing event, I have been happier since and opportunities have been fruitful and continue to present themselves to me. 

I incorporated creative direction within my package as a brand because, on my free time, I tend to vigorously research brands, artists, founders, directors and more as a way to educate myself on how to become a better person overall. I try to find the underlying emotions of what people may what or of what people like to see. It's a lot of psychology that goes into being a creative director but it is truly rewarding! 

I also just started doing graphic designing and web development-- about six months ago to a year. It's been probably the most challenging skills to acquire but I do enjoy a good challenge once I grasp the fundamentals. Plus these were skills that I always wanted to touch upon.

I also host creative shows throughout the city of Boston and I am now expanding to New York, so I am elated about that opportunity I received! I cannot wait to see what other opportunities are out there for me! 

 What is your biggest struggle as an artist? Why?

My biggest struggle as an artist? That's a tough one. I guess trying to have your family members believe in your vision. Also attempting to become financially capable off of your art and brand. 

What are your favorite artistic inspirations? Why do they inspire you?

My favorite artistic inspirations... Even harder! I like Herb Ritts as a photographer. I know-- super random but his photography is iconic and so heartfelt. I would have loved to work with him! 

For acting-- I have a few inspirations. I have Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Angela Bassett, Evan Rachel Wood and a few more!

I also admire IAMDDB, who is a urban opera jazz singer and rapper. Her mind, her vibes, her attitude and her creations are very raw.

I like an artist called Panther. Very unique mind and creations that constantly inspire me. 

Films inspire me a lot as well as magazines and Tumblr. Also whomever styles Cardi B-- I believe it's Kollin Carter at the moment! Pharrel, Gwen Stefani, and Andre 3000 inspired me immensely. 

What do you find problematic about the current art world? Why?

I find that the current creative world is not diverse enough. When I say diverse, I mean that not enough POC, minorities who have disabilities or whom identify as Queer or whom have mental illnesses are not given enough proper opportunities to financially support themselves. I feel like they are normally swindled and exploited for their labor and creations when most great ideas stem from them.

What has been your biggest adversity in your artistic career to date and why? 

My biggest adversity in my artistic career is trying to stick with one avenue. It's so difficult to focus on one when you still have bills to pay, transportation, etc. And that you also want to create meaningful projects and content however you have to grind and juggle a few projects in order to even get to that point. I'm truly trying to cut back and focus on the film industry hoping that I will become fortunate enough to nationally share my talents in that field. 

What drives and inspires you to create? What is the goal of your art? 

I am inspired to create because I feel like it gives me a voice when back then I felt like I didn't truly have one. So with my voice, I can use it to give others a voice as well that have been marginalized or shut down by their family members, peers, teachers and society. 

My goal with my art is for everyone that views it to feel like they're part of the experience or to feel like they can also remake similar pieces or work with me in regards to creating meaningful content. I try to work with as many artists and influencers so they can also use me as a vessel to feeling confident and to feeling like they gained new knowledge!                                             

As a Boston-based artist, what are some challenges you run into? 

Boston does not have as many bountiful opportunities as a Los Angeles or New York or Atlanta however there are so many dope artists here! We are overlooked but steadily rising in the sense of our creative capital. I just hope the world stops sleeping on Boston!

You are a Haitian-American Artist. Does your heritage influence your art?

In some ways coming from a Haitian household influenced my art however a lot of cultures influence me. I adore learning about cultures but I would say the most influence I have from my Haitian roots is particularly the fashion. In Haiti, people rock denim-like ruffled pieces called Karabela, a lot of colors or dresses that flow. 

What advice would you give to young artists trying to get their name out? 

My advice is to be consistent with your creations and don't limit yourself to one demographic-- unless that is your primary audience and goal with your art is to focus on one demographic. Also know why you're creating and know that your why(s) are liable to change overtime as you grow. You may want to become a business owner too! Who knows?! Life can throw you curveballs but be persistent with your energy and network whenever you can!

 What message do you want to get out to the world through your art?

I want them to feel included-- as if they could also be a part of my creations.  I also want to be able to give them a different perspective.